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To Make a Better Earth

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A breathtaking beauty: the Luna Moth

Mankind arrived here last, but call upon all natural riches, creatures and places its own. This will be a collection of resource to raise awareness about Earth and its inhabitants.

Let Us Think

Make a joint effort and generate a difference

Let us think of innovative ways to ask legislators to pass bills to protect animals, to grant funds to shelters and charities and to put an end to illegal or cruel practices upon animals.

Let us support the police task force that enforces the law protecting pets from cruel situations.


Let us be creative and help find a healthy alternative to logging and the depletion of natural habitats. Let us be innovative in the ways to help those who stiffen control on poachers and to those who lobby to ban greyhound racing.

Let us bring ideas to put an end to the illegal exotic pet trade, to factory farms, to hunting and trapping, to bullfighting, to cosmetics testing on animals, to experiments on animals and to the illegal and cruel practices performed on them.

Let us be inspired to create ways to put an end to cruelty: puppy mills, animals in circuses, dog fighting,  gamefowl, bear dancing, whaling, poaching, bear baiting, fur trade and the killing of baby seals.

Photo montage by Carmen Mandel
Photo montage by Carmen Mandel

Let us become a strong voice to ban the Omak suicide race, horse racing, dog racing and the killing of wolves.

The list is very long and, sadly, ever growing.

Victory for NASA Monkeys | Toto's Rescue

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NASA halting experiments with monkeys. Ban of animals in circuses. Virtual vivisection and more.

ADI's campaigns and achievements are a big win for those who need our voice.

Only One Nest

From the Mass Audobon blog:

Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus)
Duxbury Beach, Massachusetts, USA

"This short-eared owl on Duxbury Beach is part of a dying breed. Only one nest can be found in Massachusetts now, at a protected location. Needless to say, seeing one is quite a surprise for anybody in the state these days."

source: Mass Audobon blog

Learn about the Short-eared Owl in the Owl Pages

Unnatural Behaviour

"When they portray animals as freaks and curiosities, devoid of context or dignity, circuses are perpetuating outdated attitudes. Wild animals in the circus are reduced to mere caricatures of their kind, exhibited just for financial gain. In this way, they corrupt our children, promoting the notion that exploitation and degradation is acceptable, even brave or funny."

David Hancocks, former director, Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo

Forcing animals to behave unnaturally is abusive. Punishing them, using a whip and other methods of dominance is cruel. The following are examples of unnatural behaviour in circuses:
  • Swaying, rocking, continuous pacing or head bobbing: The animal is highly stressed.
  • Bald spots: A sign of self-mutilation caused by extreme stress.
  • Walking on hind legs: Quadrupeds walk on four legs (hence the name).
  • Leaping through flames: Animals have a natural fear of fire.

Maltreatment, abuse, punishment, separation of pups and cubs from their mothers and family, a sad unnatural life, confinement, lack of veterinary care, chains, abandonment and extreme reactions from overly stressed animals are a reality that must not take place.

Let us end the use of animals for amusement purposes.

 Support these circuses for they do not use wild animals:
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Cirque Ingenieux
  • The New Pickle Family Circus
  • Cirque Eos
Join efforts to ban the use of performing animals. Become informed and take action:

They enjoy their natural life


"Water for Elephants" the movie.
Tai, the elephant in “Water for Elephants”, has been persistently  beaten and electric shocked to perform. She still remains a slave of the entertainment industry.
♥ Follow this link to learn about her life and what is being done by Animals Defenders International (ADI).

Let Us End Bear Farming

Bears need us

The horrific reality of bear bile farming in China. Let us put an end to the torture and abuse of bears.

The current status of affairs in the USA regarding the ban on commercial harvest of bear viscera is:

 Assembly Bill 6291/Senate Bill 3858

An End to Dog Racing

An End to Dog Racing

Greyhounds share the sweet, tender and calm disposition of Salukis. Greyhound and Saluki course racing are illegal in many countries, yet still legal in several states in the USA. Racing brings unsurmontable suffering to the canine racers and a life of reclusion, abuse, drugs, broken bones, sadness and abandonment.

Let us join efforts to lobby lawmakers to pass a bill in all the remaining states where racing is still legal. Let us be a strong voice to put an end to the cruel practice of dog racing.

Join the efforts at:  

Adopt a retired or abandoned ex-racer and give them the love and care they deserve. Learn more about adoption by visiting these sites:

Compassionate Shopping

For the end of animal testing

Many lives can be spared
Much suffering can be prevented

We can perfectly lead our lives and spare the suffering inflicted upon animals in the cosmetics, personal care and household products industries.

Participating companies make a voluntary pledge not to test their products on animals during any stage of product development. The company's ingredient suppliers make the same pledge. The product is guaranteed to be 100% free of new animal testing.

Find out how to shop compassionately here